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Dr. Abraham A. Adelagun Operating Dental Surgeon

Stellar Dental Services owns and manages Stellar Dental Clinic.

We are proud to have the opportunity to give you the smile of your dreams.

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About Us

We are dediated to your overall dental health and the achievement of a beautiful smile! We achieve this, not only by our expertise,
but also by our very high standards of professionalism.

We treat our patients with utmost care and with the irreplaceable dignity which each patient deserves.
We are staffed with experienced doctors from every field of dentisry.

Oral Health Education

Counselling on oral hygiene, tooth brushes, tooth brushing, tooth flossing, toothpastes, dietary indications, etc

Routine extractions

A tooth could be very badly damaged, decayed or with an abscess and may be an indication for removal and replacement with a denture, bridge or implant.

Teeth cleaning

Daily Oral hygiene is not enough to keep the teeth clean and free of plaque, calculus or stains.Periodic visits to the dentist for scaling and polishing is essential for overall oral hygiene and the prevention of gum disease stained teeth, mouth odor and caries.


Tooth decay sometimes occurs. A filling is therefore required to remove decayed sections of the tooth and then fill in the cleaned out cavity with filling material.

Orthodontic treatment

At times, the teeth may grow in an unaligned position, a series of processes are carried out to realign the teeth and improve appearance with the help of orthodontic appliancces and materials.

Root canal treatment

A badly decayed or infected tooth may need to be treated instead of extracing it. This procedure prevents further damage to the tooth and avoid abscesses developing.


In our over ten years of operation, years with a marked and constant increase in clientelle: a clear proof of our expertise. Our clients are delighted by our solicitious care and post management and are happy to refer to family and friends to our office.

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